With the Heart of a Child
is about bringing people together.
It is about harnessing our individual
giftings and identities.
It is about a shared conversation,
and it is about children leading leaders.

. . and a PENGUIN . .

seven lifesize bronze children
one from every continent on Earth
(six children and a musical penguin)
simply dressed in soft silk tulle

hesitate in time,
leaning forward, hopeful,
poised to dive,
eyes closed, dreaming into their future,
anticipating things unseen:

a little child shall lead

trusting feet, plump and bare,
remind us of our duty of care
to life, to love, to planet Earth

they stand together, peacefully, as friends,
vulnerable and strong,
silently singing out to us
their call to change.


is prelude to a groundbreaking global initiative

A sculpture installation of
six life size bronze children and a penguin,
each piece representing one of our seven continents,
it calls us to unite,
and invites us collectively,
and with visceral response,
to consider the fragile future of planet Earth.


this captivating installation has been exhibited at

Churchill College, Cambridge University
July 2016

University of Cambridge Primary School
September 2016 - March 2017

HSBC global headquarters, Canary Wharf, London
March - April 2017

Musiceum Summit, Cambridge University
in partnership with the V&A Museum London
(Museum of Childhood), Fitzwilliam Museum
December 2017

M&G Group HQ, Governor's House, London EC4R 0HH
December 2017 - January 2018

Ralph Winter Gallery, Exeter
May 2018

Whitecross Street Party 2018, Barbican, London
Summer 2018


. . and a PENGUIN . .

The bronze children are available for sale,
signed, numbered and finished by hand, individually or together,
in a small limited edition.

The little bronze penguin is also available for sale in a small limited edition.
Signed, patinated and finished by hand, the feathers of each penguin may be played, carefully,
somewhat like a thumb piano, and every song is different.

jamuna   "holy river"   Asia
immokalee   "tumbling water"   North America
madzimoyo   "water of life"   Africa
newlyn   "from the fresh spring"   Europe
myuna   "clear water"   Australasia
yaku   "water"   South America

Peter Carlson

Washington, D.C

My heartfelt endorsement for WITH the HEART of a CHILD

In more than 40 years of a professional life engaging powerful policymakers in Washington, D.C. to authorize and fund vital clean water programs around our nation -and throughout the developing world- I have never once been so captivated by the essential power of the message that I have been trying to convey: water’s inherent life-giving and life-preserving essence, and its undeniable impact on the future and fate of all children - than through experiencing Nicola Ravenscroft’s project With the Heart of A Child.

In this adult-centric world of complicated international issues, of striving personalities, conflicts, and the apparently unstoppable demise of meaningful, substantive interpersonal communication... it might be easy and perhaps seem an acceptable expedient to overlook the basic need to convey essential themes between generations: our responsibilities as the residents of one single ecosphere, and also the message of how to preserve Life itself. Tangibly, nothing embodies Life and our interconnectedness better than the Earth’s one universal solvent: water. That is the essential message, to all children.

From my perspective in Washington, D.C., our future truly does rest within the message conveyed through With the Heart of A Child - the Life-giving and sustaining importance of clean water for all.

Nicola Ravenscroft's works value the awareness by children with regard to what is universal and therefore truly important. This artistic and educational effort deserves to be shared as a uniting message to the next generations, in all the countries we have created but more importantly for all the children of Earth.

It has been said, ‘We never know the worth of water till the well is dry.’ Perhaps one day the leaders and policymakers in all the nations will have already learnt this lesson -as children- and will prioritize the right to clean water with all other political and social covenants: that everyone might have daily access to and an abundance of Earth’s Life-giving and Life-sustaining premise.

In memory of my beautiful friend Anna Craft,
whose work, life and love have profoundly
changed the lives of children.